3 Musicians; Streetchoir’s new recording

The week was a tornado of late nights and a cacophony of 3 different lives merging under one roof (MY roof. The engineer’s roof.  OUR roof).   Listening back to the day’s recording, the singer half-listened to the Hammond while  the other half of his thoughts encompassed a small daughter, a son and wife back home.  The engineer had a seriousness about him; calculated comments, furrowed brow. The drummer beat his hands against every available surface-my desk, my chairs, his chest-in time with the sounds he created earlier that day. His repeated questions echoed the very instrument he played. A rhythmic “Is it good?  Is it good? I think the snare is hot.  I think it’s too hot.  It’s too hot.”

A week of sharing a bathroom, living room, every room.  A week of cooking, cleaning, emptying ashtrays and disposing of “Big Flats” cans.  A week swollen with laughter, of missing my husband in bed by 10, of wigs and intense conversation.

For me, “the wife”, a week of recording is always a mixed bag of emotions.  HAPPY  “the boys” are doing something they love; ANNOYED I can’t get any sleep; GRATEFUL they appreciate my cooking; EXCITED to have new songs in the house again.

I am certain the visiting musicians left camp with lighter boots.  The drummer with a washed slate and hope for a less burdensome path, and the singer with more promise than he when he arrived.  As for the engineer, he rounded out the week with a lighter heart.

As the wife, I turn to a few days of rest.  An open bedroom door, no fear of the coffee grinder awaking exhausted couch sleepers, and no more listening to the same song repeating itself like a stammering child.  Peace and quiet.  Oh yeah- and I have my husband back 🙂


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