Our Texas Garden

It’s that time of year (as I have said before) that I love.  SPRING.  We have been spending a LOT of time in the garden already, and I am looking forward to a more mild growing season (we have been under the thumb of a drought for several years now).  We have already had more rain than last year, and the days have been graced with sunshine and scattered showers in the evenings.  Some may beg to differ, but I don’t think the wind has been TOO bad either…so far!

I went to the library last week ( my home away from home, only second to the chart topping Natural Grocers ) to check out some books about gardening here in Texas. I went a little crazy.  I started to get worried that I had too many books and that I’d have to eliminate some from the stack, only to find that when I queried as to how many books can be checked out at one time, the kind librarian responded with “50”.  I thought I misheard her. I said, “15?  Really?!”  “No. FIF-TY ” she enunciated.  WOW!  I was in heaven!

So I have been hard at work researching plants that grow well here, in anticipation of the small patch of weed-laden land we plan to “landscape”.  I have “planted” some stepping stones that lead from our deck to a hole where our fire pit will be.  I dug the hole last night and the bricks that the previous homeowners left have been hauled up near said hole for fire pit construction. The fire pit is on our list right next to installing metal  decorative sheeting under the deck in place of the lattice (I am not a fan of lattice.  I have seen it work well in certain yards, but I have no intention of letting it loose in mine!)  I guess the winter indoor recycling bin project will be put on hold for now.

The steps laid out before I dug down to make them level with the land.

We have a large yard ( a little over an acre) and are excited about landscaping it!  We have MANY ideas, but we’ll see what we can feasibly do.  It’s fun to have land that you can do ANYTHING with.  We are thrilled to be homeowners at last!

I also purchased some used books on Amazon, and between Matt and I, we are learning a lot.  He has been concentrating on the veggie garden (onions, eggplant, brussels sprouts, tomatoes…) and I have been planting pots on the deck and prepping for the fire pit and yard landscaping.

One of the books I bought on-line. It has everything from crop rotation to….slaughtering birds? THAT’S not happening!

The plants that are available here are a little different than California.   I’ve never planted petunias or pansies.  But they are EVERYWHERE here!  I have planted various things like  the popular Marigold (Calendula to those of you who drink tea), cosmos, dusty miller and Dianthus.

Our lavender and rosemary survived the winter, but not much else.  That’s why we are REALLY trying to choose native plants for our yard.  We are tossing the ideas of forsythia and yarrow around, as well as some other plants like Salvia and sagebrush. But I can’t help but choose beauty and color for our summer deck!  Our field has become absolutely KISSED with yellow wildflowers and we are refusing to mow them down.  I am sure many people refer to them as weeds, but we are forever endeared to yellow wildflowers (maybe I a missing “sour grass” and wild mustard from home!)

One of my favorite things about gardening is just simply being outside.  Spring in Texas is so beautiful!  The skies are pregnant with rain, and all the foliage is a bright citron green against the gray clouds.  It’s absolutely lovely to be in the midst of it.

I hope everyone is enjoying this season as much as I am!

Nanouk’s favorite season is Spring too 🙂


4 thoughts on “Our Texas Garden

  1. I am of like mind and dirty hands in the garden these days. Look into Flax! A hardy perrenial grass, with beautiful blue 1 ” flowers. The Lewissi (sp) is drought tolerent, frost tolerent, easy. Grass grows 1st year, blooms the next. reseeds easily. Flaxseed makes Linnen (man’s oldest textile), linseed oil, and of course Flaxseedoil. (YUM)

  2. I am of like mind nd dirty hands these Spring days! Look into Flax, Lewissi (SP?) A blue flowered hardy perrenial grass. It’s drought tolerant,, frost tolerant, easy grower. The grass grows the 1st year and 1″ beautiful blue topped flowers the next, and on. Flax makes linnen, the oldest textile known to man. And linseed oil, and of course Flaxseed & flaxseedoil (YUM)

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