Go Play

Spring is not only a time that the garden calls my name, but so does my craft room.  A few weeks ago I was in a craft store looking for I don’t remember what, and I was sucked into the jewelry-making aisle.  It was like a vortex of color and light calling me into it’s rainbow tunnel.  “Amber…Amber..Look at all the beautiful colors!!!!!”  I was a total sucker.  Between the glistening glass and the “40% off” signs, I was a gonner.

“I could use a pair of pink earrings.”

“I love the idea of paper beads.”

“Natural elements in jewelry are so appealing to me.”

I had no problem talking myself into it.

Let me tell you something friends-if you are looking for a little color and decor in your lives, then go to the nearest bead dispensary.  10 bucks can go a long way; especially when a sale is happening.

We have hands and we should use them to create.  Play with color.  Play with wire.  Play with simplicity.  Play with complexity.



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