Diaries of a Retail Clerk: Did someone say “Peter Tork”?

Dear Diary,

Today I helped one of our regular customers with her stitchery project.  I asked her what type of project she was working on, and she sheepishly responded, “Oh, it’s my Peter Tork portrait.”  I had forgotten that last time I helped her she had mentioned her Peter Tork crush.  Uh, yeah- as in the quiet guy with the bowl haircut from the Monkee’s.  The girl couldn’t have been more than 24, so I was a bit surprised she wasn’t stitching Usher or Thom Yorke’s face instead.

She pulled out her folder and proceeded to show me her collection of Peter Tork downloaded photos she had collected off the internet.  Apparently, she had a computer program that would digitize photos into counted cross-stitch patterns, complete with coordinating colors of floss!

Amazingly enough, her project was turning out exceptionally well!  Of course, she went on to tell me what she was going to do with the artwork once completed.   She will, of course, send it to L.A. where they collect Peter’s fan mail, and then they will send it off to Connecticut (?) where he lives.  But she was afraid that the glass in the frame might break during shipping and was beside herself on what to do regarding THAT matter.  We discussed replacing the glass with plexi-glass, but then again, she felt she had spent enough on the frame already.

Diary, I think it’s really rad that Peter still has fans after all these years.  After all, what better form of flattery than your visage stitched into cloth for all posterity to behold?

My friend Lorna and I once shared an elevator with Micky Dolenz in Hawaii.  We didn’t have enough guts to go home and make a craft project commemorating the event.  I kinda’ wish we had.  I wonder where Micky’s fan mail goes…?


2 thoughts on “Diaries of a Retail Clerk: Did someone say “Peter Tork”?

  1. You have the most insane memory! I might need you to write my life story one of these days because I can’t remember any of it! Love you!!!

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