You Belong Among the Wildflowers

Yes, you do.  I do. We do.  Tom Petty said it, and I believe it.  The WILDFLOWERS are in full bloom here (yes, even in Amarillo).  And right up the street from me.  We were walking the dogs a few mornings ago, and my husband said, “There’s something I want you to see.”

I couldn’t BELIEVE there was such a glorious spot just a block from our house!  A field full of violet, sunshine, hot lava, lavender, ocean, plum- all encapsulated in a soft green whisper.  I am an absolute die hard fan of every flower God engineered and painted.  They are very possibly my most favorite thing on the face of this wonderous green orb we call home.

Their feathery leaves, tissue-thin petals, colors that cannot be found even in a tower of 150 crayolas!  The sun was headed up into the apex of sky and cascaded its light at a perfect angle against a heaven-reaching crowd of fans.

It was a beautiful morning for a walk, to say the least.

Even Sprocket hung out for some flower time!

I love how the seeds get sprinkled EXACTLY how they look the best together!  A REAL natural bouquet!

The 1 block walk kept it’s promise of beauty by highlighting another open space:

Everywhere I looked, nature tore open the day in green and yellow.

Beauty lurks behind a blade of grass, a prickly pear and perhaps in a drainpipe.  Stop and take a look around.


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