My “Garden Blog”

I had 2 people tell me this week that they were enjoying my “garden blog.”  Although this is not REALLY a garden blog, I very much appreciate that people are enjoying it!  And of course, being outside is one of my favorite places to be, so the garden plays a rather large role in our lives.  At least in the spring/summer.

We’ve had bucketfuls of more rain this year than last.  Last year it was already in the 90’s like EVERY day (or so it seemed), so the mild temps and non-wind issue (for the most part) so far this year have been nothing short of dreamy.

Last year we had tomato plants totally rocking the garden, but the freeze came on too quickly before we got a real good crop, and as you can see, we were desperate to save them.  Needless to say, the “tent city” we constructed did not rescue the cherry, early girl, beefsteak and pear fruits we were salivating for:

Seriously, we had every blanket and piece of batting from the house out there!

BUT, we are going for it again this year despite the battles last spring swung at us.

We have tomatoes and eggplant growing this year…

My husband is the true “farmer”, and I merely a “waterer/flower grower”.  He planted fingerling potatoes and lots of red, white and yellow onions…

And also some Brussels Sprouts which I ABSOLUTELY LOVE!  (Thank you Matt)

I will have to share my favorite recipe for them a little later!

We also had some things spring up, miraculously, from last year.  At this point we are unsure as to whether they are cucumbers or zucchini.  A surprise will be nice!

So that’s what MATT has been up to (oh yeah, and building a fence around the garden to keep the dogs out).

I have been doing a fair share of digging.  Remember my stepping stone project?  That is all but done, the fire pit hole dug, and now I am working on digging up the border of the area we want to plant with…well, whatever we want when that decision comes!

I did run across a rather peculiar stretch of cement while digging around.  It’s about 4″ thick and runs parallel to our deck about 2 inches below the dirt’s surface.  You can see a bit of it (above) next to the hole I was digging for the last stepping stone.

We had some random larkspur show up next to our driveway where I had attempted to plant wildflowers last spring.  I hope the seeds scatter to all corners of our yard!

I also realized after wildflower spotting around the block last week, that I had failed to recognize the new growth in our own backyard!

The view from our deck just after passing rain clouds gave us a morning visit.

This vine will give us cute little yellow and green striped gourds come fall!

This yellow flower turns into the BIGGEST fuzzy globe ever! (See next photo)

Thanks for tuning in to our adventures in gardening!

Next up?  A little story about our camping excursion recently to New Mexico.  Complete with bears.  And flat tires.  And some of the most beautiful country road camping ever!

The view from the field back to our house.


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