The Land of Enchantment

Narrow streets. Mud; soft lines curving to meet rough wood.  Worn blankets spread at the feet of eager sandaled strangers.  Stacks of precious metal offered by dark hands that have seen dark days.  Lounging visitors encircle a statue, watching different dark hands beating drums.  Tightly-stuffed pillows skipping down the center of a vast azure.  An alley of local artists; canvas, clay, clouds, wood, tears, metal, embrace.  Loony Toons and Dr. Seuss’  “dark period” explained by an overzealous gallery director.  Tex-mex, molé, Santa Fe IPA.  Silence before mass; kaleidoscope glass becomes a door for lost souls.

Eight years ago, our road trip honeymoon landed in Santa Fe, NM.  A chosen destination based on an idea that neither of us had been there before.  A stark contrast of heat and landscape to that of our foggy California coastline.  A wildfire of love blazed us into a kinship with the “land of enchantment”.  A back road scattered in black-eyed susans, we stopped to make coffee in the french press and take in the morning sun. My wedding ring: three slices of silver, one decorated with a miniscule coin of turquoise.  His: also silver, inlaid with shards of indigeonous stone.  30$ and 100$ respectively.  I am a cheap date wife.  Four days spent at Casa Del Toro B&B, complete with a Kiva fireplace, the best home made granola, a footpath to the square, intimacy with Georgia O’Keefe, communion after a miraculous staircase.

People can say what they want about Santa Fe.  Pretentious, ritzy, overpriced, touristy.  I say culture, friendly, tasty, inspiring.

We drove to Santa Fe last weekend for a quick visit with my in-laws.  They were on a road trip, and it seemed like a good fit for a meeting place.  It was lovely.  Good food, fun shops and galleries and great weather.  The best part though, was being with family.

Yummy organic restaurant Karen had been told about. We ate there twice!

My lunch: Tofu Reuben sandwich with a side of kale salad

Karen’s lunch: Tofu enchilada with a crazy tasty molé sauce and cilantro rice.

I love cool doorways

A really neat store across the street from Pasqual’s, where we had no problem entertaining ourselves.

The store was called “Doodlet’s”.  I also found a new sticker for my truck 🙂

Paintings that REALLY caught my attention at the art fair were by Kirk Mullenax from Houston. I love the use of light and negative space. Extremely emotional landscapes in MY opinion.

Here in Texas, our front door is painted turquoise and there’s a bundle of chili peppers waiting to greet you!

We picked up the “thumbs up” sign at Doodlet’s.


3 thoughts on “The Land of Enchantment

  1. Love it. Sometimes the writing muse comes at inconvenient times but it’s always worth it! actually I’m trying to get myself to Santa fe next month for a workshop so I might need some more details/recommendations…xo

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