Camping Trip: New Mexico, Part 2

So the second half of our camping trip to New Mexico landed us in Ruidoso.  What a beautiful place! We stopped by the visitor’s center and got a map of local roads that were open to camping.  We found a road not too far out-of-town, and once again, had the stretch of land to ourselves.

This was creek side, although the drought had sucked all the waterways dry. We set up camp and decided to take a walk down the road, but found that the off-roading we had done earlier that day left us with an undesirable result:

Matt had his work cut out for him.  I guess you can say that he found out the hard way how to get the spare tire out from underneath the vehicle.  (Note to other Toyota Tacoma drivers who have yet to experience this:  Make sure you have the correct tools, and it’s all about looking at your owner’s manual.  The secret is behind the license plate!)

We still took the walk and it wore poor Sprockett out!

Matt whittling a new handle for the hatchet. Sprockett is O-U-T.

The moon was amazing THAT night too.

The glowing midnight orb kept us company, along with whatever lurked in the darkness that Sprockett found so necessary to growl at.  He walked to the edge of the riverbed and paced back and forth.  That’s when we  heard the snorting and grunting coming from the hillside above our camp home.  They smelled my dinner (note to self: don’t make tuna melts while camping from now on).  The flashlight revealed TWO sets of eyes looking right back at us from the trees…I’m not a huge fan of guns, but boy was I glad he fired it off to scare them away!  We are 99% certain they were bears, considering the hefty noises,  loud grunting and weight that broke tree branches as they ran away.

Standing on the hill the next morning where we found large animal tracks…

There was a trailhead just up the road from our site.

View on our hike

It’s always tricky finding a rock flat enough to set the camera on when hiking. We found a good one this time!

On our way out of town, we stopped for a picnic at the local park next to a creek that DID have water!  (That’s the visitor’s center in the background.  Everyone there was super nice!)

Click here for Part 1 of this camping excursion 🙂


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