Arroyo City, TX // Summer Vacation, part 2

Our little home away from home, “12 Palms”, can’t treat us any better!  It’s 8 o’clock in the morning, the thermometer teeters around 80 degrees.  The staccato cackle of one feathered friend finds the drawn-out whirring of another.  Oak, banana, lime, and palms all gather, sloping toward a dock and miles of a Laguna Madre vein. She is liquid jade before me, a friend to high-hopping fish.  The opposite shore is a lush, dense green against the painted sunrise.  I’m in the midst of the tropics, forest, farmland, beach, and river-all rolled into one stop at the tip of Texas.  Mansions are scattered amidst fields of sunflowers, trailer parks, sugar cane and shacks.  It’s a one road town with fishing as its common denominator.

The Laguna Atascosa State park and campgrounds are just a bike ride away from 12 palms.


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