South Padre Island // Summer Vacation, part 4

I push the shade up, pressing into morning clouds.  A tree I hadn’t noticed before stands pregnant with bulging citrus.  Maybe I will enlist the juicer later.  And then again, maybe I won’t.  The patio rests under a vellum of grey, then seconds later the sun is revealed at full wattage again. I tell Matt about my dream–spiders, explosions, floods, tornado clouds, butterflies, lay-away options and poker games.  He plucks and sings the song he has been learning… “Lately I’ve been running on faith, but what else can a poor boy do?  But my world will be right, when love comes over you…”  The low bass line of the neighboring gardener’s  music thumps a distant drone, a background to the persistent in-and-out of water-flopping by the mullets.  The clapping of small currents against the dock sync in time with that of a hammer and saw blade from a nearby construction site.  The music this morning is a unique heartbeat; a pulse of Texas I haven’t heard before.  I am enamored. I am grateful to have the ears to hear it.

We are going to the beach today.  I am excited to get to our hotel and swim in the pool and ocean!

Entering the Island

View from our room

The Pearl pool.

Fish tacos

Turtle sanctuary

Huge, greasy, fishy dinner at Blackbeards

A little tourist action


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