Seeing Old Things in a New Way

Well, it has been a while since my last post.  I have been sewing up a storm!  The last few days I’ve been working on the completion of our bedroom makeover.  Back in April Matt and I decided we were ready for a change-up in color.  (Actually, I was the one who wanted it, and he simply said, “sounds like a good idea honey”.) So…I have been trying to work on it all summer between gardening and camping and house guests and other random stuff.  I FINALLY finished it up yesterday and thought I’d share.

As I was pulling photos for this post, I came across some old house photos from when we first moved in 4 years ago.  I think you’ll appreciate the new paint, colors, etc if you see what we walked into when we bought the place.  And these first few images are NOT my house, but some inspiration photos I pulled from Tricia Guild’s book, “Colors, Patterns and Space”.  She is an all-time favorite designer of mine.  I LOVE her juxtaposition of bright and vintage and modern and cottage all rolled into one.

My color inspiration

Love this outdoor space and the colors.

Let me preface this project by saying it is NOT a crazy makeover like you see on TV.  It’s more of a “color revamp” using almost no money and a lot of rummaging around in the storage unit and sewing room. My Aunt Judi once told me that she is the most creative when she is broke.  It REALLY makes her look at old things in a new way.  I love that.

So here is our bedroom in the very beginning before we painted and ripped the carpet out…

After the final glaze on wall and floors sanded.

And NOW:






Ok.  So now you get the idea.  Here’s what happened:  I changed the room from grey/orange/citron….

(I’m reading The Fountainhead now)

Old jewelry display: twigs in a vase, photo frames dressed in yarn, and grandma’s old cups and saucers.

NOW we have a blue/green/grey/yellow thing going on.  Lighter and airier I think:

I also started a quilt last year after visiting the Cotton Ball in Morro Bay, Ca (a place I called home for 12 years of my life).  Looks like it may match the bedroom even though I was intending it for the living room at the time…

I’ll let you know when I have it put together!  Until next time!


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