Love and Survival

The collision of love and survival.  The call to create; the passion to nourish. We eat to survive–yes.  We eat because food is a tantalizing experience–yes.  I am blessed to be able to spend my days in a place where this need for sustenance  is met at the apex of flavor.

I am speaking of  meals that subtly combine flavor and texture with an artful presentation and are infused with love from the hands that built them.

I am speaking of Real Food Cafe in Amarillo, TX.

It is where we chop a LOT of garlic, dice mountains of veggies, melt an unending supply of chocolate and butter.

Andy Price, proprietor/ex-race car driver;  Andrea, Yoga Master/Kitchen Carnie

Andy whips eggs into crepes,

T makes all of our desserts from scratch,

Walnut bars and Cranberry bread pudding

Katherine serenades, flower-arranges, and greets you with a smile;

and the rest of us make your tummies tingle…

House made hummus with crostini

Fresh herbs abound:

Locally grown dill often graces our tables and garnishes our dishes

Local herbs season our soups and make our pesto

Recently we were featured in Texas Monthly Magazine

Andy and T Price, owners of Real Food Cafe

We dice, we chop, we julienne.  We grill, roast, toast.  We laugh, we sing, we prepare, we love.  All so others can enjoy their journey of survival.  It’s not a bad way to spend the day.

Real Food Cafe. 3208 6th St, Amarillo, TX

***Real Food Cafe is committed to using fresh, organic, grass-fed and free-range local food as much as possible.  Thanks to the High Plains Food Bank, that commitment just became easier.***


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