My Biggest Concern: Love

What degree do you love in?  Is it completely, hopelessly surrendered?  Are we capable, as mortals, to love to the full extent that God intended?

Love is patient ( I am known to lose my cool), kind, does not envy (hard to shun in a world driven by possessions), is not boastful (guilty).  It keeps no record of being wronged (that’s a tough one).  Love never gives up, loses faith, is always hopeful and endures through all.

Love.  It’s a tall order for us mere mortals.

I see a man on a street holding up a sign.  He is hungry.  I can doubt.  I can reprimand him in my mind, telling him to find work.  I can pass him by, thinking he will just buy booze.  Do I know his story?  No.  Am I in a place to judge?  Not really.  Am I in a place to love?  Yes.  Is love a choice?  Sometimes.  I can choose to give him the last five dollars in my wallet.  I can choose to extend a warm smile and a small token of love.  It doesn’t really matter what he does with the money.  That’s not really the point, is it?  Love is not conditional.

We see it in all shapes and sizes.  It can be as big as letting a friend who has hit rock bottom live with you because he has nowhere else to go.  It can be as small as saying a prayer for the little girl being told  “all men are evil” by an angry mother in the grocery store.  Every act of love, whether it appears “small”  or  “big” is equal.  If it is the unselfish, kind and patient love God desires us to have, then each and every act of pure love is precisely in direct proportion to what the recipient needs.

I want that love.  I want to be so completely filled that it overflows into every square inch of my daily life.  I want to be obsessed with an action, a feeling, a holy spirit prompting that moves me to embrace all that I thought I could not.

I want to be stripped, unfocused, cut from all the daily unnecessary concerns: a new living room rug, the neighbor’s barking dog, what’s on the menu for dinner.

I want to be wholly filled with the necessary concern: Love.


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