A Leap

A leap.  Baby steps.  A hop into the great unknown.  I break open, peel back the layers like an orange.  I am hope-filled.

Migrating geese, my beloved dog sleeping in the warm autumn sun, a paint chip that takes me to Morocco.  The inspiration comes in tiny, lapping waves, and I am here, in its midst, for the moment.

I took a leap recently.  Rented some space at a local store with other craft, antique, art vendors.  A BIG step in my little world.  A much better choice than an on-line store for me.

It started with my husband helping me build my booth IN OUR LIVING ROOM.

And then taking it to the space upstairs at The Nat:

I was inspired to make new things to mix in with the other things I already had made:

Little wallets

Jewelry made from beads and harp parts

Lace and bead necklace; Pindot stud earrings.

Fuzzy suede sherpa baby booties

And after I got it all set up, I hung out at the Third Thursday open house that the store hosts each month:

Real Food Cafe desserts were served along with complimentary wine; recycled bike tire display that Matt built for me!

I had a lot of people (lots of friends!) stop by and stay for some wine and a chat.  It was a GREAT way to meet other vendors and people in our community that want to support local artists.  I don’t have any photos of that though, because I was too busy hanging out!

I will be decorating for Christmas in the near future, so I will have to post some photos when that is all done.

Stay tuned….


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