The Wake of Creativity

Awakened at 2 am by the cat’s bath, the creating never ceases. Cerulean, citron, saffron.   Can I make faux feathers from real leaves?  Will the lace for that dress also work as the base for my bird nest project?  The minutes tick on and your mind desires rest, but it does not cease to devour the waking visions.  Words, colors, maddening projects, the answers to your organizational nightmares come in waves, midnight and daylight in one fell swoop.  One minute you are in the depths of R.E.M,  taking in God’s language:  Graduating from schools; standing beneath a tree pregnant with fruit the size of your grandmother’s car; the trips to Brazil, Italy, Japan, India, France…The next moment you are cognizant, allowing colors to wash over you as you sketch blueprints of new projects, artwork, prose.  It is the dreaded excitement of being a creative person.


People say to me all of the time, “So, Amber, what have you been working on lately?”  THAT, my friends, is a loaded question.  I usually respond with “Oh, a little of this.  A little of that.”

The problem with being a creative person, FOR ME, is that I want to do too many things, and then I get stuck and can’t do any of it because I get flustered.  Where do I start?  It is a challenge to be focused on one thing.  I am all over the place…that’s what keeps life interesting for me.  Of course I like the sense of accomplishment when I actually FINISH something, but for some reason that is a challenge for me.  I am inspired by so many things that it can at times be a curse!  After having a long talk with my husband a few weeks ago, I realized that this is all part of being a creative person.  There are going to be times that I am completely inspired to do 12 things and I should just go at it with whatever my heart is wanting.  And there are times where I am totally uninspired and I don’t want to work on anything.  That’s OK too.  Creative people are rather curious creatures, so please be gentle with us!

I was feeling rather uninspired at the beginning of the new year, but I am starting to feel that creativity stir once more, and I am so glad.  (I think it may have to do with Spring being around the corner!)


Inspiration: Hyacinths from Matt for Valentine’s Day.



Here are the ideas that have been keeping me awake over the last few weeks:


L to R: re-decorating our music room with a Moroccan flair; All of the sudden I am inspired to paint my nails!


Working on a sweatshirt with lace detail…


L to R: trying to get my craft closet organized (always daunting); trying to get my herb/spice cupboard organized.



Making yards of garland, using papers left over from the Chinese New Year party, to decorate my craft booth.


L to R: new wedding accessory project for future sales; mushroom ornaments I will be making into new quirky home decor for my booth at the Nat.

So….What have YOU been working on lately?


2 thoughts on “The Wake of Creativity

  1. Since you asked . . . I’ve been creating practices, an order of sequencing, of movement and stillness, a time for quiet, a set time for physical exersion, time to rest, moments to observe oneself, opportunity to notice, a chance to “be” without accomplishment or judgement . . . (I could go on and on).

    I never thought of myself as someone who was creative until I found something that gave me a strong desire to – well – create, to dive deep and develop. It’s not creating something beautiful for anyone to look at, it’s creating a life practice, a mantra, a breath, a meditation, a vibration, a moment . . . that feeds and awakens the soul.

    Thanks for sharing your beauty.

    Auntie Cheryl

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