Spring Craft Time

It’s that time of year again…You know–when the sound of geese begins to wane and the love cry of early morning doves becomes your alarm clock.  It’s the time when everyone agrees to change their clocks so we have an extra hour of daylight (at the END of the day rather than the beginning) ; you see your neighbors out in their yards more often; the home improvement stores suddenly burst at the seams with greenery.

I knew today that Spring was near when a friend came by the cafe and gave us a bag of the most beautiful arugula!  Granted, it was grown in their greenhouse, BUT, that spicy, earthy flavor transported me into “I wanna’ eat salads exclusively for the next 6 months” mode.  The frosty days are ALMOST over and I have been cleaning and reorganizing the house  for the last several weeks.  We have been teased here in Amarillo with days in the high 70’s, leaving us lazing in the glory of hope for full-blown Springtime.  That said, we are expecting snow (boo) this weekend, but today’s lovely sunshine is a glimmer that will keep us all content through hopefully some of the last of the bitter cold…

I finally was able to round-up some spare minutes in the sewing room recently, and I did a little spring sprucing up at my booth downtown at the Nat on 6th st.


I have a booth downstairs now, and the space is a little more challenging to decorate and display, but it is ever-evolving, and while I could use some interesting furniture for the space, it will do for now.

So what I have been up to in the craft room:

Stacking up piles of fabrics I like together:


My long-time helper in that department:



More mini wallets


I used wool for winter, and now I have cotton business card holders for spring!


Own necklace and earrings

New items:  Tablecloth weights.  Never let your cloths fly away in the wind again!



Asian themes are big for jewelry this spring; so are natural elements and the color mint.

I put up a few new displays for my booth, including new signage:




Tried my hand at making some different wedding garters for that crafty (or not), unique bride:




This is for my mom, and sister, and aunt Judi and Mary Jo and Suzanne, who always ask what I’ve been making lately…and who all inspire me to keep on creating!

I hope each and every one of you are finding space in your busy days to make something fun.  Cheers to the art of crafting!


3 thoughts on “Spring Craft Time

  1. Yes, springtime has given me the time and inclination for a little crafting as well….knitting dishtowels and painting a welcome sign for my house. ❤

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