Inspired Decorating

So…Our dining room was being used for my husband’s music recording equipment until recently.  (Sorry these photos are lame, but they were the only “before” photos I had):



I just noticed the hand in this photo. Hm…..

His stuff basically took up the entire room.  So, imagine my surprise when he told me he was moving it out and I had the room back!  What to do, what to do…?  We decided we wanted it for more “hanging out” space, since we like to have a lot of people over.  So, a room with seating and a space for our music collection seemed like the perfect idea.

I decided that an ethnic vibe, leaning a bit toward Moroccan would be cool.  I found some inspiration on-line:





Where to start?  I have always wanted to wallpaper or do something cool with a wall in this room, and I found this awesome tutorial on pinterest from this blogger:

Her directions were perfect and she even had the stencil as a downloadable file!  Thank you Sarah for awesome inspiration!  I gave the wall a fresh coat of white and penciled the stencil and got to painting!


My “huh? Oh- you’re going to take a picture right now?!” face.

Despite the textured wall it turned out great!


Just a note:  I bought one of those 3$ color sample paint containers at Lowe’s, and there is still more than half the container left after painting this wall.  A little goes a long way!  This project took me around 4 hrs. start to finish.  Not bad for a few free hours during the week.

We love this room in the morning-the skylight and east facing window let in plenty of light!


We needed seating, so I suggested that Matt BUILD something.  He obliged, and within a few hours he scavenged enough wood and built this bench/couch.  We always have random pieces of wood hanging around the house, so rarely do we have to BUY supplies for something like this!  I threw some fabric over a foam pad hidden in the garage and covered some pillows…A tutorial is here if you’d like to learn how to make some of these pillows:

music room inspiration

music room

music room_stuff

music room records

music room drawers

We like to surround ourselves with objects that have meaning to us; special artwork by loved ones and little trinkets from our travels.

music room terrarium

Terrarium with an amethyst I found on a hike in CO and figurine Matt brought back from his travels in Mongolia.

music room_chairs

music room_artwork

music room_records

music room details

Patchwork pillow; books about nature; carafe from Matt’s mom and plumes from my bridesmaid bouquet for Jesika’s wedding.


For me, making a home is not about how “awesome” you can decorate.  It’s about creating an environment that inspires, makes you laugh, and helps everyone feel at home.


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