Be The Change You Wish to See in the World

11 countries in 11 months.  That’s what our friend Marianne is doing right now.  The “World Race”.  Traveling around, spreading love and kindness to people all over the globe who need a little help.  She is a brave and faithful soul, encouraged even when all that surrounds her seems rocky.

journal cover_title_marrianne

When my dear friend Kathryn called me up a week before Marianne’s departure and said, ” So I was wondering… roommate and I want to give a special gift to Marianne for her birthday before she departs on her journey.  But, well, it involves sewing and well, you know, I don’t know how to sew….”  This was of course the beginning of a very new learning experience for Kathryn…

The proposed sewing project:  A journal cover that could be re-filled as Marianne filled the pages during her travels.


Journal refills from Barnes and Noble.

We started with her basic idea of a scrappy patchwork look and went from there:


We used a piece of felt for the foundation, and she randomly stitched on top of it.Journal_Cover_1

She got quite good at maneuvering on the machine!machine_sewing

She ended up with this patchwork (notice the hearts she even did all by herself!):patchwork

We trimmed it up, backed it with one big piece of fabric, and folded the edges in to create the pockets that her journal would fit into.


Kathryn also had the brilliant idea of braiding some twine and stitching it on so that it could be wrapped around the journal to keep it closed!


She had one of Marianne’s favorite quotes that we printed up on fabric and stitched to the cover.front

Kathryn and her lovely creation:


Is this so cute or what?!  Now Marianne can always be reminded of her friends back home when she journals.  I was so inspired by Kathryn’s project that I made one for a friend last week. Check out this post for detailed instructions.

If you are interested in seeing where Marianne is right now, check out her on-line journal/blog here:


5 thoughts on “Be The Change You Wish to See in the World

  1. Amber, this is awesome! I love seeing all of your creations. Been thinking of you, enjoy your updates and happy things are well. Loves loves! Tara

    1. Oh I think of you all the time Tara! I still wear clothes you guys gave us…In fact I am wearing Jason’s t-shirt that says “Toot my horn” right now! Love you too. Let’s catch up soon!

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