Travel File: Summering in New Mexico

Arroyo Seco

We recently headed up to the glorious New Mexico mountains with our friends and their 6 kids in tow.  Using the VRBO website, we were able to find a house to rent that would accommodate all 12 of us and give us a lovely time away from our desert home.

The trip getting there was just as pretty as our destination…

NM countryside

cimmaron view

Arroyo Seco is a little village located just 10 minutes North of Taos.  We have stayed in Taos a few times, but this is the first time we landed in Arroyo Seco.  The entire area is beautiful, and if you have never been, then I HIGHLY suggest it!

NM Map

The house was located along Rim Road, with a beautiful view of the valley below:


down in the valley

Down in the valley.


I found much joy in the surrounding landscape…

sunset walk 2

sunset walk

house in the valley

rock wall

fence at sunset


gatesTaos has lots of great restaurants (as to be expected), but more importantly, a toy store that was our downtown destination! (“Twirl”, just off the square)

Twirl Toystore

I went shopping at a tiny store in the Arroyo Seco village called “Francesca’s”, where I picked up a pair of reversible wrap pants (Stay tuned for a post on how to make your own!)  THE Francesca herself was there to help make the shopping experience that much better!



We hung out creek side one afternoon…



Noah and I rowing our “canoe.”

back porch reading

View of the orchard from our back porch.


leaves and sun

One night we had a cool light show using a twirly thingy with an LED light from the toy store:

light show

On our way home, Matt and I stopped for a quick little hike just south of Angel Fire…

Elliot Barker Trail

…and met this little fella along the way!

cow friend

Taos NM Poem



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