Angels Must Dance Here // Colorado Camping: Part 2

“If angels need a place to dance here on Earth, I am quite certain they frequent this place,” I told my husband as we hiked through the trees on our camping trip.  It was beautiful.  Photographs really do not do this place justice.  REALLY.  This is the second part to this post I made earlier.

Purgatorie Campground Hike

Not only was the campground awesome, but it had a beautiful trailhead right among the camp sites.

trail marker







flora 3


matt and Sprockett

Lake 1


flora 2


Evidence of beavers at one of the upper ponds!  (This is totally cool to a California girl!)

Beaver Lake 1

Beaver Lake dam

Beaver Lake dam 2

Even though it was raining, the hike was perfect in every way.  If you get a chance to camp here, definitely take advantage of the trails.  You won’t be disappointed!


One thought on “Angels Must Dance Here // Colorado Camping: Part 2

  1. If ever comes a time when we can’t do the hike, the photos make it seem very close and stir the heart – I can feel my feet moving.


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