Summer Craft: Pressed Flowers

If you have followed my blog recently, you know that we have been camping this summer.  You may have also noticed I love wildflowers.  A lot.

flora 3


On one of our trips I decided to pick a few and see if I could press them for later…

mills canyon

Nothing fancy of course (that’s not really my style).  I simply tore a sheet of paper from my notebook, wrote down the location, folded the paper and sandwiched the flowers in there.  I carefully placed the paper between the pages of a book.  When we packed up to leave, I put the book beneath heavy items in the back seat.

When we got home, I kept the flowers in the book and placed a stack of heavy books on top for a few more days.  And what do you know?  They flattened out pretty nicely:

prairie flowers

pressed flowersAs I was getting ready to frame them, I ran across some leaves I had pressed many years ago from another camping trip (only it has been so long I don’t know where!  The only thing I know is they were pressed when we still lived in California.  So they are at least 5 years old).  I was surprised at how green they still were:

leavesAfter I placed the stems in a pleasing arrangement, I cut white card stock  for the background and lightly glued them to the paper.

leaf with glueI had some extra frames lying around, and I liked the simplicity of them for this project:

framedjpgI labeled each frame on the back so I will always know where the foliage was collected.  Of course you can do this with any flowers or leaves that you want, but I like the idea of having reminders around the house of our travels.  Now I just need to find a space on a wall for them!

If you are interested in more details about pressing greenery, Better Homes and Gardens has a lot of helpful info here:


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