Mission: Thailand

Since a very young age, my heart has yearned to travel.  Not just to travel, but to travel and lend a hand while visiting.

My childhood pastor announced: “Next Sunday we have a special treat. John’s brother is returning from a mission trip to South America and he will be sharing some of his stories.”  I had looked forward to church all week.

I was fascinated by my aunt and uncle who were part of a touring singing group that traveled to all ends of the earth celebrating God’s love.  I loved seeing their photos and hearing their stories.  (I still have all the foreign coins they brought back for my family).

I watched with envy as we graduated from high school; I went to college, while one of my best friends went with YWAM to Malaysia.

In my 20’s, I met a man who had lived in outer Mongolia for 6 months (in the Winter!),  where he had taught English and helped a new church with their music.  His first gift to me was a Mongolian statue he brought back from that trip.  I am now married to that man.

Thus far, my own opportunities have been much closer to home:  Wandering the streets of Skid Row to hand out toiletries and bowls of soup; serving thanksgiving dinners who those less fortunate; a trip to Mexico to deliver shoes to orphans; praying for people outside a homeless shelter; giving out groceries and lunch to neighbors of a home church.  Lending a hand can happen anywhere.  My “mission” just happened to start in my own back yard.


And now, that mission has been propelled forward to Thailand, where Matt and I will head next May, along with 8 others.  We will travel so that we can help fight an epidemic that casts a shadow of darkness over our globe.  It’s the heart of a girl that has been smashed against a bedroom floor.  It’s a childhood stripped away because a family needs to eat.  Sometimes it’s a choice;  most times, a trap.

There are many answers from many organizations for human trafficking:  safe houses, schooling, God, lectures, job training, love, music…. They are all needed to help those in Pattaya, Thailand (the “hub” for human trafficking) caught in a life they did not want.  We, as a team, simply want to help.

I will be updating this blog occasionally about Thailand, and also will be sending out e-mail updates to a list of people regarding this trip and links to more human trafficking info.  Please leave me a message if you’d like to be included on that e-mail list.


4 thoughts on “Mission: Thailand

  1. Put us on your mission list. I went to Thailand about 20 years ago and saw some very underaged girls in what is now called the sex trade. It seems the real issue is poverty and education. I am very curious what approach you group offers. Is this group affiliated with your church?? Tell us more.


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