Caprock Canyons State Park Adventure

I am living in the land of canyons.  Trees are few and far between, but flat lands dropping abruptly into rocky red crevices aren’t that hard to stumble upon here.  (Click here for other Texas canyon hotspots)

Caprock Canyon State Park

Caprock Canyon is located approximately an hour and a half southeast of Amarillo, TX.  There are several routes you can take from Amarillo, but we took I-27 south to Tulia and then east to Quitaque.  We went home via the 207 up to Claude (which was quite beautiful).  Not realizing that there wasn’t a northern entrance to the park, we ended up making a complete loop around it, and we’re glad we did, because the scenery was just as lovely around the park as it was in.

car window

Bob Wills

riverbedWhen we entered the park, the ranger let us know that wild bison still roamed the area…

warning sign

Immediately upon entering the park, we witnessed a herd playing cool next to the pond.  It was pretty awesome to see them up close like that!


pier bw


As you can tell by the pier, the water was way down:

BW pier

canyon road

Caprock Canyon


Upper Canyon Loop trail

Caprock Canyon State Park 2

New hiking shoes!

As per usual, we drove straight into the abyss of a hail storm on our way home, but it sure did make for some nice clouds!

drive home


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