Technology vs. Nature

It’s a constant battle :  Technology vs. Nature.

To capture the sweeping landscape with a digital camera.  To trust that the camera will save the photographs.  To believe that tiny little card will be placed into the computer and that the computer will flash thumbnails of my adventures across the screen.

It becomes commonplace:  Take a trip, take photos of the trip, transfer photos to a file on the computer after the trip.  “I’ll back it up later to a CD.”  And then I forget.  And then it happens.  The dreaded, evil “glitch.”  The external hard drive, where I save all of my photos, crashes.  ALL of my photos from the year show up as corrupt files.  Memories drowning in a distant sea.  The tightness in my chest, the panic that sets in.  The tech guys try to retrieve them.  No success.  For more money, they can try harder.

At this point I stop and asses.  What exactly did I lose?    What did I do last year?  Dad’s wedding.  Relief.  I already sent him copies.  Our first summer vacation in 5 years.  Luckily, some of those images are on my blog.  Annual Chinese New Year party.  I posted a few on Facebook.  And then it’s realized that more photos are gone than I thought.  Almost all of the “before” photos of our first house.  Projects I’ve sewn, camping trips, family visits…I get sick thinking about it.  For a moment I believe I will never use a computer or a digital camera again.

I take a deep breath, believe that there is somehow goodness in this “disaster.”  I love seeing the world  through a box that demands, “Capture this moment within the confines of this viewfinder.”  Technology presenting a challenge that I love.  And yet Nature presents another challenge I love:  leaving the Cannon behind.  To be immersed in the experience with nothing but my spirit and senses.

For me, the answer doesn’t lie within the click of a shutter OR a maddened kick through a computer screen.  Yes, I am upset that technology has failed me; but if I close my eyes, I can go right back into the waves of last summer.  And really, what is better than that?



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