Hooray for Fall in Lake Isabel, Colorado

We arrived at dusk.  While a sherbet sky skipped above our heads, we nodded ‘good evening’ to the disappearing sun.

Colorado mountains

We settled in at campsite # 10 in the dark, certain that the view in the morning would be mesmerizing.

It did not disappoint:  (see more photos from that morning’s sunrise here)


The sun peaked its way above the lake and warmed us after a chilly, restless night, where a threesome of baby bears climbed and cried in “their tree”, which happened to be 10 feet from our tent!

campsite 10


We walked around the lake that day, taking our time, watching the bugs crawl and the grasses dance.


birch grove bw

After some beers and a nap, we headed 10 minutes up the road to Bishop’s Castle (see more photos in this separate post).  A “castle” built by a man with a vision and a very keen political view…Bishops Castle

The second morning was MY opportunity to take a lone trip down to the water’s edge; to greet the sun with awe and gratitude.

view from camp

Sunrise Moonset

BW sunrise

lakeside sunrisejpg

collage 2

ambers sunrisejpg

It was a short trip, but completely worth escaping the city lights, taking in the milky way and celebrating a friend’s milestone birthday.

We drove away from the mountains, waving goodbye and thanking them for sharing their first yellow leaves of Autumn with us.  What a great way to greet a new season.

fall mountains

This campground was located southeast of Pueblo, CO in the San Isabel Mountains.  We stayed at their state park in the “La Vista” camp area, site #10.  For more information about this campground, visit this website: http://www.reserveamerica.com/camping/La_Vista_Campground_Lake_Isabel


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