From Marrakech to Amarillo

So there I was, minding my own business, waiting to buy some nail polish, and then this caught my eye from the magazine rack:

Elle Decor

“I’ll just take a quick peek…”

A “quick peek” later and I was suddenly re-decorating my living room.  I fell in love with this residence in Morocco:


I swooned over the color palette:  bright but comforting walls; accents of red, white and brown; natural wood; bold patterns.  I immediately saw our living room in this color.  I forked over the 5$ for the publication and eagerly went home to peruse my paint chip collection.

I found another photo a had previously pinned to my pintrest board:


I loved the strong colors and bold patterns in these rooms.  I thought,”I can channel these ideas into something for my house”.  No, our home isn’t this fancy, but I can work with what I have.  Even if what I have is thrift store furniture!

This is a little weird, but I found some photos and pieced them together of our living room and the way it has been (more or less) for the last 5 years:

LR pano B4

Matt and I LOVE green, but we were ready for something new.  I bought a gallon of Valspar’s “catwalk” and painted for 2 days (it took 4 coats of white to cover the previous green and 3 coats of blue to cover the white).

collageI love black and white as compliments to any room and thought it would be a nice graphic element to contrast with the high intensity of the blue walls.

LR 4

LR 1

LR 2

The thrift store chairs I bought 5 years ago started out gold.   I recovered them once…

chairs before…then again this time with some vintage bark cloth (thanks mom!) that has been in my stash for quite some time, and a b&w mix on the other chair:

chairs after

I switched some lamps in the house around; took a small table out; framed an original piece of artwork we purchased from a local artist…and we have OUR interpretation of the lovely Marrakech inspiration home.  Thanks Elle Decor for always inspiring me.  Sometimes I need a change and I don’t even know it!

Another one of my all-time favorite decorating magazines in Living Etc. out of the UK.  Check them out online here.

Do you have a favorite magazine/ website for home inspiration?  I would love to know!


5 thoughts on “From Marrakech to Amarillo

  1. Dag nabbit I wish we had been able to see you guys this summer! Your place looks deee-lightful! Missing you…

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