Sympathetic Friend

In the living room their voices coalesce into a harmonic crescendo.  My husband stops, suggests they try a different approach; and when they do, I can’t help but stop mid-step in an evening full of  laundry and dishes.  The beauty that permeates our tiny abode is all mine.  It’s all theirs too, of course, but I am the only “audience” for the evening.  People gathering in our living room to rehearse for a show; me stopping by his studio while a friend’s band records; waking up every morning, having tea and quiet time with only the guitar and his voice to serenade me; Thanksgiving  Day with friends that ends in the boys passing off guitars, spilling their hearts and the love of the Beatles.  Not every girl should be so lucky.

Of course, there are moments when you wish your husband wasn’t a musician:  Late nights in bars, tight budget, weird musician friends, mp3 players out of the question because he insists that the sound quality just isn’t up to snuff… But, late nights in bars can be fun, budgeting leads to a better appreciation of what you have, his friends are really the coolest people you know, and buying vinyl is much more fun than scrolling through a list on your phone.

It becomes part of your life, and as a wife, you have a choice whether or not you embrace it.  There are many nights spent at practice.  There are many nights you just don’t want to go to the bar where they go on at 11 pm.  There is a point where you don’t ever want to hear that album of theirs again.  But that doesn’t mean you don’t kiss him and wish him luck, or that you don’t promote the band’s newest release with ardor.  It’s what you do because you love him and believe in him and know that the billions of hours he’s put into his craft are important to him; and that makes it ever-so-important to you.

Having said all that and being real with my readers, I can honestly say that StreetChoir’s newest album is by far the best among their long list of records.

Sympathetic Friend Cover

Yes, I got a little sick of it.  But really that’s only because my husband and his brother have been working on it for TWO YEARS.  In that two-year period, Matt moved his studio from our house to a bigger, more professional space.  I didn’t have to listen to it over and over again while he engineered it.  I listened to the album for the first time, in its entirety, a few weeks ago.  All I have to say is that it is soooo StreetChoir–not in the sense that it sounds like all their other albums though.  But in the sense that the band has at long-last dipped into the pool that has been collecting within them, giving them the sound they have owned all along.

I don’t want this to become some weird long review by a band member’s wife.  I just want to share the music with you because I actually think it’s a great album.  I have seen these brothers morph from freshman hopefuls to well-seasoned artists.  Fifteen years under their belts and I believe we have received their best album yet.

Listen to (with the option to download) their newest album “Sympathetic Friend” on iTunes (because, after all, that is how most people want their music these days):

StreetChoir on iTunes

Learn more about them, perhaps purchase a CD or hear the album in it’s entirety on their website:

You can also read what Skope Magazine thought about their album here:

If you like what you hear, I’d love to know!


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