Christmas Nostalgia // Clove Oranges

There are three things I remember making at Christmastime with my mom and sister:  strands of cranberries, strands of popcorn, and clove oranges.

Clove oranges are an easy project for almost any age and they make the whole room smell lovely!

All you need for this simple project are oranges, cloves and an optional toothpick (or an ice pick, which is what we used growing up).

FX Photo Studio_image

Punch small holes into the orange in the form of any design you like (sometimes the fruit is soft enough to skip this step).  Stick cloves in the holes and that’s it!  This was a fun thing for us to do while watching a movie the other night:


Star anise also makes a lovely decoration for the tops.

Matt suggested we float some in the cider we made last night.  It was delicious!  Just throw a bottle of apple juice or cider in a stockpot, add some orange slices (and whole cloved oranges if you like) and a few cinnamon sticks…


We added a splash of Brandy to ours!  Yum!

What Christmas crafts do you remember making as a child?


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