The Cove

The water is cold and clear.  Furry water creatures clap shells upon their bellies, drifting between sets of gentle waves. The sand is fine, fine, fine.  Crabs play hide and seek with the ever-reaching beaks of shorebirds.


Many of my childhood summer days were spent boogie-boarding here and many cold nights were overturned with friends who had a predilection for pyrotechnics.  I don’t know if bonfires are still allowed (or actually, if they ever were); but it’s a fun and cozy way to spend an evening.

For those of you who have a chance to visit the central coast of California, take a day to spend along the beaches.  “The Cove” in San Simeon has a pier and lovely little walking trail through groves of  pines and eucalyptus.  It is just 7 miles north of Cambria.

hwy 1

Hwy 1 between Cambria and San Simeon

pier bw

San Simeon Beach



Paddle boarder enjoying the day

The hike will wind you through moss-laden trees and wild berry bushes…

moss and shore



…and spit you out at the tip of the cove:



Just beyond the “arch view”.

The Hearst Castle entrance is directly across HWY 1 from this beach, and you can see the castle up on a hill if you look closely.  Here is a map:


If you keep traveling north up HWY 1, you will quickly happen upon the elephant seals and also a wonderful cove to sit and watch the windsurfers.

May I suggest picking up deli sandwiches from Sebastian’s Deli  (see map above) for your beach day?  Or perhaps you’d like to do what we did on our last trip to Cambria:  Take a hike, then grab some bloody marys on the patio at Moonstone Beach Bar and Grill…




2 thoughts on “The Cove

  1. So many wonderful memories of my Coast High School years. The “cove” at San Simeon is where I self-taught myself to surf on ankle-high waves. What a dream place to live – so easy to take for granted when just a teenager and since having lived in both the San Francisco Bay area and Southern California. Time has stopped at this beautiful section of the central California coast.

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