Grateful for the Trees and Dunes

Grateful.  Grateful to have visited so many beautiful places.  Grateful to have lived in so many beautiful places.  Grateful I have the means to share a snippet of some of these places with you.


Will I ever get to visit Ireland?  I don’t know.  Will you ever get to visit Texas?  I can only guess.  I am so grateful that there are other bloggers out there-in all corners of the earth-that share their world right here on the internet.  It’s not just a “See where I’ve been” forum.  It’s a “Here’s something on the opposite side of the globe from you that you can experience a small part of right now” spot.  Sharing on a blog means being part of a larger community that wants to discover, learn, teach and love.  I am so grateful to be a part of it.

For all of you who don’t live anywhere near California, here is a second post in a series about a recent trip there.  My husband and I grew up there and are fortunate enough to visit every once in a while.  We are from the Central Coast; halfway between L.A. and San Francisco along the Pacific.

Other side of the world, meet Morro Bay and Los Osos, California:

morro rockSee that enormous rock sticking out of the ocean?  That’s Morro Rock in Morro Bay, CA.  The Bay is shared by the towns of Los Osos (where Montana de Oro State Park is located) and Morro Bay.  As the tide rises, the bay fills and creates canals (It’s a great place to canoe and kayak!):

The bay

A few of us took a walk one beautiful day.  We meandered through the Eucalyptus trees…

Eucalyptus tree

Did you know that the central coast is a sanctuary not only for birds (huge bird festival every year!) but also for Monarch butterflies?They LOVE Eucalyptus trees! Check out photos here!)

and were spit out dune-side.

Coastal California Trail

Sprockett on trail

The central coast is home to many Oak trees, which make for fantastic climbing!

tree climbing 1

Coastal California Flora

Tree climbing


Although we no longer live on the central coast, it will always be a place we know and love.

Where do you know and love?


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