Wandering Into Daffodils


It’s creeping away.  Slowly the 20 degree days give way to a few 60 degree ones.  My mind wanders into daffodils.  I start a collection of items for the Goodwill.  I don’t kid myself too early though;  I realize that blizzards are entirely possible for the next 3 months.  Last Saturday cradled me in sunshine, and yesterday left the dog’s water bowl frozen. But the crest of a new year brings the green grass closer.  This Sunday the last of football season will be gone and the groundhog will determine Mother Natures’ fate.  Panic strikes as I acknowledge the small stack of winter projects in my sewing room.  Will I get to the plaid and lace Louis Vuitton knock-off skirt before Spring hits?  Not sure.  Do I care?  Not sure.

I’ve had pleasant surprises in the sewing room this season.  A quilt that has been sewn in small increments over the past 3 years got much closer to finished.  Tote bags for StreetChoir’s upcoming album release party will be done in the next few days.  I completed a flannel dress just in time for the bite of cold weather.




I am presently comfortable with Winter; it will give me more time to finish indoor projects around the house.  I will not however, chase away the sporadic warm days.  It makes the cold more bearable and the walks in the park give Sprockett something to smile about.




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