Year of the Horse

It happened last weekend.  Three horses were there, some Dragons, Rats, Sheep and a Tiger too.  Inspiration ran amok, laughter filled the living room and everyone showed up with Asian food. If you remember last year’s celebration, then you guessed it-another Chinese New Year Party.

Year of the Horse

Everyone looks forward to it (that’s the word on the street anyhow).


Chinese New Year Details

Chinese New Year Details 2

We read our Chinese horoscopes, laughed at how unlike us they were, or grimaced at how much they rung true.


One group giggled way too much playing a “get to know you” game…

Chinese New Year game table

Another group was hard at work in the craft room…

Chinese New Year crafts

Victoria placing flowers beneath the trees; Jaret making the hammock.

Carlos suggested we make a collective “Paradise” ( hmm…are we all ready for Summer or what?!)

Chinese New Year crafts 2

And some final works of art from the night:

Chinese New Year Artwrok

Top left: Krista’s modern dream catcher; Bottom Left: Kris’ wine bag puppet; Bottom Right: Kathryn’s “finger stamp” creation; Background: Marianne’s tribute to the horse!

I am pretty impressed with the final outcome of our paradise.  Check out all the detail:  guitar, hammock, coconuts, sand, Lock Ness Monster (thanks to the Irish gal 🙂 ), beach ball, frisbee, beach chairs, flowers…

art detail


Thanks to James, Carlos, Victoria, Natalie, Nick, Alissa, Jaret, Matt, Lincoln, Krista and Kris for making this a reality!

group photo

Did you do anything for the New Year?  If not, it’s not too late to celebrate-the traditional celebration doesn’t end until this Friday!


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