A Force Within

I skulk around, wade through the half-dozen library books until I find one that intrigues me.  I meet up with friends for coffee.  I browse some of my favorite magazines at the book store.  I pin recipes to my Pinterest board.

Then Chinese New Year happens, and suddenly, the art supplies are out and staring me in the face.  It’s then that the voice comes out from hibernation.  It commands, “Do something!  Create something!”  The muse for the voice can be awfully quiet- a quick flip through a magazine; fuchsia leftovers from a steamed beet; a book my friend recommends.  All it has to do is whisper and then- BAM!- I’ve pulled out the watercolors.

A Force Within

What’s inspiring me in February 2014?  Well…

A new app for my phone called “A Beautiful Mess.” ( They have a great blog too).  It has fun borders and doodles and you can add text too.  (See below)

Quilting Arts Magazine; Cloth, Paper, Scissors Magazine, Brew Magazine.


This book by Roy Peter Clark:


These lovely Spring fashions from the runway:

2014 Spring Fashions_DVNoten_Fendi_Ferretti

L to R: Alberta Ferretti; Fendi: Dries Van Notten

I am really hoping to see some of these colors at the Oscars next weekend.  Certainly Cate Blanchett could pull off the orange, and Ralph Lauren’s dress would make any girl shine!  I know what colors I’ll be adding to my Spring wardrobe…

2014 Spring Fashions

L to R: Ralph Lauren; Alberta Ferretti

This verse, along with last week’s watercolor session inspired me this morning:


Check out the earrings my friend Marianne gave to me She brought them back from Rwanda.  Such a cute, simple design inspires me!


Learn more about Marianne’s travels on her blog: http://mariannecayce.wordpress.com/

Talk about inspiration!  Take a look at Autumn De Wilde’s project for a Cadillac commercial:


Take a look at her photography here: http://autumndewilde.tumblr.com/

And last but not least, a card I received in the mail from my mom.  She’s the best mom ever!


Here’s to the force within all of us.  May it get us out of our comfort zone, may it give us new lenses to look through, and may it splash color upon these dreary winter days.

What’s inspiring you lately?


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