Easiest Dinner/Breakfast Ever

People always ask what I eat (I seem to be the “go-to” girl for veggie dishes!)  I had every intention of posting more recipes on this blog, but to be honest, I enjoy cooking far too much to concern myself with taking beautiful photos of the food I make.  My kitchen (and sewing room and living room…) have terrible lighting, and usually I cook and sew hours after the sun has bid us adieu.  But people keep asking for tips and recipes.  So, I will say it now and get it over with:  I apologize if my food photos aren’t as lovely as all those other blogs out there.  At this point in time,  I am lucky to spend the amount of time in the kitchen that I do.  If you can look past the weird photos I remember to take while in the kitchen and get straight away to the recipes, I promise you will be better off.

This recipe is something I have been making for years and has been tweaked over time.  It started out as quiche when we were first married, and then turned into the lazier next-of-kin: the frittata.


I love this recipe because it is so easy and flexible and cheapYou can use any veggie, any cheese or no cheese, dairy milk, soy milk, half and half, herbs if you have them…Another substitute is to use a half block of mashed tofu in place of 2 eggs.

Heat oven to 350 degrees.  Lightly oil a glass pie dish (a small square baking dish might work too…) with butter or spray oil or whatever is on hand.  Make sure to hit the sides too.

  1. First, start with the veggie.  I love to use broccoli.  One head will do the trick, and trim off the stem.  Or use a bag of frozen.  Whatever works for you.  A bundle of asparagus with the tough stem ends removed or a head of cauliflower or a bundle of kale with stems removed or a bag of spinach or a few chopped bell peppers….The possibilities are endless. Feel free to mix and match!  *Scroll to the end of this recipe for some of my favorite veg/cheese combos* 
  2. Wash and chop the veggie into desirable bite-size pieces.  Some people like it chopped very fine, while others like chunkier.  Do whatever you prefer.
  3. Cut up the onion.  Dice or slice.
  4. Using fresh garlic, chop it or put it through the garlic press.
  5. Heat oil in a medium saucepan.  I like to cook with grape seed oil because of its high flash point, but any oil will do.  Olive, butter, walnut, vegetable etc.
  6. Throw in garlic and let it brown a bit.  Throw in some dried herbs too if you’d like.
  7. Now throw in your chopped veggies.  Stir it around.  Let the color get bright, but don’t overcook.   If you want, add a splash of water and cover with a lid to help steam it.
  8. Turn off the heat when it’s done.  Pour veggie mix into the pie pan.

Broccoli, red onion, thyme, rosemary, oregano, sage and red pepper flakes.

      8.  In a mixing bowl, whip the eggs and add the milk.  I usually use soy or hemp milk.  Dairy milk works perfectly fine too.

      9.  Grate or crumble the cheese into the egg mixture.  I love to use feta, but I can’t think of a cheese that wouldn’t work.  The tastier the cheese, the tastier the frittata!

     10.  This is a great time to add dried or fresh herbs to the egg mix.  You can add salt too, just not too much since the cheese is already salty!


      11.  Pour the egg mix over the veggies in your dish.


12.  Bake in the oven for about 30 minutes.  Gently press the center of the frittata with your finger to test if it is cooked enough.  It should feel firm, but not solid.  If overcooked it will begin to “weep”.  (In all honesty, I tend to over-cook because I am nervous about the eggs being cooked long enough.)

And of course I have no photo of the end result because I forgot.  Oh well!

This is a quick, easy dinner that I usually serve with a big green salad.  It’s  great for leftovers, hot or cold.

Here are a few of my favorite combos:

Carmelized onion, sautéed mushrooms, wilted arugula and gorgonzola cheese.

Sundried tomatoes, Kalamata olives, sautéed red onion, wilted spinach and Feta cheese.

Add a few more eggs, a can of fire-roasted green chiles and sharp cheddar cheese.  Get super-fancy and make up a batch of home fried potatoes, layer those in the pan first then add the egg/cheese on top.  I think this could be really yummy served with pickled jalapenos!

Although I have personally never made them in a muffin tin, you totally can!  According to everything I’ve read, they will need to bake for about 20-30 minutes.  This recipe should make about 6 -8  mini frittatas.

Do YOU have a favorite combo for a quiche or frittata?  I’d love to be inspired by you!


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