Travel File: Denver, Co // Part 2

As I promised in the Denver, Co post last week, here is the second installment of fun in the mile-high city!  Last time we talked about shopping, various Denver neighborhoods, the beauty found between sunshine and skyscrapers….

This time I want to talk about food.  After all, that’s a huge part of traveling–finding totally yummy local food!


When we rolled into Denver, we had just spent a nice spell on the road in snowfall during 5 o’clock traffic.  Ugh.  Weren’t we relieved that this Irish pub was right across the street from our hotel!?  Hooray for the Irish Snug!


The happy hour prices were great, the food was delicious and the staff very friendly.


Matt and I are total suckers for fish and chips, so that order was a given.  We split that and a yummy spinach salad with fresh, organic blueberries and blackberries, nuts, feta and the most lovely lemon-lavender vinaigrette.  Of course they also had a long list of beers, many of them local.  We were totally stoked to have this place so close to our hotel. (Ramada Denver Downtown)

Last time we were in Denver, we discovered this vegetarian restaurant, Watercourse Foods.  Their tofu breakfast sandwich had been begging me to come back!


I love the decor there-cool fabric lanterns and the most whimsical artwork:


Matt made my day when I woke up and he said, “Hey-Watercourse is within walking distance of our hotel!”  The walk was exactly what we needed that morning!  We had coffee, and split the Florentine scramble with tofu, house-made rye toast and a fresh glass of ginger-carrot-orange-cayenne juice.  YUM!


Over the weekend, we also hit up a place on Broadway Street called Sputnik.  It was totally hoppin’ on a Saturday afternoon.  We found two spots at the bar and enjoyed a good IPA on tap while we waited for our food.


This place had a ton of vegan options, which is always a plus in my book.  Especially when it’s made this well!


We split a basket of fried pickles. Matt chose the Israeli Falafel, which had garbanzo and fava bean fritters, tahini, harissa, cucumber salad, fries and pickles wrapped in a tortilla.  Yeah.  Seriously.  SO GOOD.  I chose the vegan Banh Mi, which our waiter said was his favorite.  IT WAS THE BEST SANDWICH I’VE EVER HAD.  It was marinated tofu, pickled carrot and daikon, cucumber, green onion, sprouts, jalapeño herb spread and sambal mayoThey have an insane gift for flavors at this place.  Don’t miss it.   If you aren’t veg but love interesting food, there’s food for you too!  The sandwich I ordered had a choice between pork and tofu.  See their menu here.


Our last day in town was my birthday.  Matt said he was taking me to breakfast and then on to a nearby park for a picnic.  He knows me so well.



We ended up getting breakfast to go at Watercourse again…


He had a veggie breakfast burrito with green chile sauce (the leftovers were excellent in the car hours later on our ride home!) and I ordered the tofu breakfast tacos.  SO TASTY.  As you can see, their servings are big and could totally be split!

The day turned out to be wonderfully warm, despite the snow that fell 2 days prior.


My friend Natalie gave me a gift certificate to this awesome-sounding restaurant called Root Down. 


I was so excited to go for dinner or brunch…only to be disappointed that I hadn’t called earlier to make reservations 😦  They were totally booked.  The upside?  We’ll HAVE to make a trip back 🙂

Have you been to Denver?  What are your favorite spots to eat?

For more info about this trip and a map, see the first part of this post here.


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