Inspired Afternoon

In 7 weeks we leave for Thailand. Our team will be visiting and helping women & children whose lives have been impacted by the sex-trafficking trade. We hope to not only help and inspire, but also to encourage those directly affected. One way we can communicate is to give of our time. Another way is to simply love on people- let them know their lives are meaningful.
Last year when our friends went to Pattaya, they discovered simple gifts like bandanas, candy and jewelry were received with abundant gratitude. The girls in the bars who were given hand-made jewelry were in awe and disbelief that a stranger would just GIVE them something so special. It was a simple way to communicate that love can be received with no strings attached.
In anticipation of our trip this year, a group of us are getting together to make jewelry pieces. I had an inspiring afternoon today, contemplating the blessings that will be bestowed upon the recipients. I am filled with gratitude that I can be a small part in putting a smile on a stranger’s face and perhaps a seed in their heart.




One thought on “Inspired Afternoon

  1. So excited for this trip, dude. It’s so awesome that you’re going – cant wait to see photos!

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