Acts Community, Amarillo

It started with a guy named Chad.  He and his friends gave some homeless people food and built relationships with them.  It became apparent that they were in desperate need of blankets and socks.  Determined to do something about it, Chad picked up the phone and started calling churches.  The solution was a blanket and socks drive.  The first drive was a huge success, consisting of 8 churches collecting 800 blankets. 

After that,  Acts Community  was born.  As the organization has grown, so has its outreach.  They now have a resource center!  In the heart of San Jacinto,  the center offers a food pantry, hygiene closet, baby room, computer lab, clothes closet and training programs.  They are positioned to have a huge impact on a neighborhood that desperately needs assistance.   Along with the outreach that happens at the resource center,  ACTS has also built houses for wildfire victims, helped relocate the residents of tent city, partners with the Destiny Center for Destiny in the Park outreach, creates unity between churches, has fed thousands of families and helps keep Amarillo’s homeless community warm.

The organization recently started the San Jacinto Beautification Project.  A few weeks ago, they kicked off the project by having volunteers paint houses in the San Jacinto area of Amarillo, where the resource center is located.  They are currently looking for churches, civic groups and individual volunteers to help continue this project.  I stopped by to take a few photos of the volunteers hard at work! (Read more about it at Amarillo Globe News)


Chad’s goal for ACTS Community has always been simple:  love God, love people, find needs, fill needs and create unity with other non-profits and churches.

It starts with ONE person.  How can you get involved in your area?  Is there a need in your town that you can help meet?

For more information about Acts, visit their website:


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