Don’t Forget: Travel Accessories


Here are a few travel accessories that I found to be useful on our recent trip to Thailand.

  1. Large scarf to use as a a bathing suit cover up and/or blanket on plane.
  2. Alba Botanica Sunblock. $8.99 Walgreens on-line, Natural Grocers stores.
  3. Sleep Tonight, non-habit-forming sleeping aid, $14.95.  Amazon or Natural Grocers.
  4. Film Camera, Action Sampler.  (I bought mine for $10 at Urban Outfitters 10 years ago) Online, $12-$45
  5. Oshadhi Lavender Essential Oil. $8.99  Amazon or Natural Grocers.  Place drops on pillow or wrists for restful airplane/hotel sleep.
  6. Prince of Peace Instant Ginger Crystals, $3.99.  Online or Natural Grocers.  Small portable packages for cold or hot water if you feel sick.  Ginger-the natural treatment for nausea.
  7. Hand-held battery-operated fan, $1.  Dollar Tree.  Portable cooling relief.
  8. Dramamine, Original Formula.  $8.99  Walgreens  Great to take before getting on the plane (will keep the nausea away and will help you sleep!)
  9. Solaray Activated Charcoal.  $7.99 Online or Natural Grocers.  Food poisoning?  Spider bites?  Intestinal sickness due to travel?   Take charcoal, which absorbs toxins and poisons in your body, causing them to bind and then be eliminated via the intestines.
  10. “Jesus Calling”, Daily devotional by Sarah Young.  $8 Amazon or local bookstore.  Small & tote-able devotions for personal reading or for entire missionary group. 
  11. Travel size hand sanitizer, $1 Dollar Tree.
  12. Money belt, $7.99, TJ Maxx.
  13. Frogg Toggs Chilly Pad Cooling Towel, $9.95, Online.  For those super hot days, use this cooling towel on your neck.  Thanks to our Thailand team leader Christine, we were cooler than a lot of people 🙂
  14. Master Lock padlock.  Hardware store.  Great to lock up personal belongings where lockers are available.  We bought a tiny one too to secure our suitcase in our hotel room.
  15. Mosquito Repelling Bracelet, $9.95 for a 10-pack, Online. 
  16. Eucalan no-rinse fabric wash, $4.75, Amazon. Perfectly sized bottles; barely there scent.  Natural soap for washing clothes in the sink.  I love this stuff!
  17.   Memory Foam Neck Pillow, $6.99 T.J. Maxx.
  18.   Skin so Soft Bug repellent, $8.19, Amazon.
  19.   Sleeping Mask.  Not purchased, but made by me.  Great on-line tutorial Here.

If you have any accessories you think should be added to the list, please leave a comment below!


One thought on “Don’t Forget: Travel Accessories

  1. Ha – don.t take a purse with no form and many pockets. Little things like train tickets and room keys fall into them and can only be found by turning the purse upside down.

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