To Plant a Garden, or Not to Plant a Garden

To plant a garden, or not to plant a garden?  This is our question every year.  Last year, at the beginning of May the answer was “yes.”  Then this happened:

Amarillo storm

A crazy hail storm which ended in tornado sirens and Matt, myself, the dog and the cat beneath our mattress in the corner of the living room.  Along with everyone else in town, we had to replace our skylights and our roof.   Matt did a lot of yard work that next day.  We hauled away 3 truckloads like this:

truckload of branches

This may go without saying, but after the storm we decided a garden was not happening.  The hail and wind ruined everything we planted.  We had neither the time, money nor heart to do it all over again.

But alas, that was last year and the heartache of the entire experience had been eased with time.  This year we started planting late because we were in Thailand during the middle of May (it has been known to snow that late in the Texas panhandle).

We became inspired when our perennials started making an appearance:

garden 2

Then we had lots of rain (no hail, thank you Lord!)

back yard 1We were spending more time outside keeping up with the growth by mowing:


back yard

After almost 5 summers in this house, we discovered that a little tree by our front door was a…

mulberry tree

!!!!!!!!!! We had a mulberry tree in California and we LOVED it!  We’d go out every morning and pick fresh berries for our smoothies.  Joy, joy, joy!

Everything in our yard is LOVING all the rain.  It hasn’t been this green since the first year we moved in.

smoke tree

trumpet flowers

We decided to give it another go and plant a few items in the veggie garden this year.  We didn’t weed the entire bed; we have become lazy gardeners, knowing that a quick whip of forceful wind or hail can decimate a lot of hard work.  We did a little work, and if it all dies, I won’t cry.




I planted a few parsley seeds (thanks Olyver!) and they sprouted within a few days, as did the squash:


yellow squash

Something else just barely peaked from the dirt mound yesterday:


One of my favorite parts about having a large yard is the riding mower.  I get a beautiful view and lots of sunshine.  Hopefully the rain will keep up and I can mow all summer long!

riding mower


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