Simple Things

Rain.  It seems like such a simple thing.  Water, falling from the sky.  Clouds blanket our sky in dove grey. Distant crashing echoes through the valley as droplets are loosed.  The heart-shaped leaves of my Cottonwood are extra green today against the sullen sky.  They lightly flip and flap as the water strikes them.

The panhandle has been in a drought for many years.  The blistering sun has parched our land and hardened its people.  Garden plots have laid dormant, pastures have gone unmowed and water supplies have run threateningly low.  This year, rain dances and prayer circles came swinging from every direction in hopes of a change.


Finally, water falls on our thirsty land.  We have passed our average annual rainfall mark and it’s barely July!  It has been many moons since we’ve seen the greenery-the weeds!-like this.  I see people taking walks.  They are planting seeds in their gardens.  At the park, they smile and wave.  This water is reaching into the very depths of us.  Too many times have I witnessed the hardened faces of fellow Texans after a long day under the blazing sun.  These faces are shifting.  This rain is relief.  I see renewal in the green corridors of country roads and also in the eyes of my neighbor.

Rain.  It seems like such a simple thing.


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