Travel File // Tawaen Beach, Thailand


Beach dayWe didn’t think there was going to be time set aside for the beach.  It wasn’t on the itinerary.  But our WONDERFUL translator Thip made it happen.  We all reacted like little kids being told they were getting extra recess time when she extended the news.  (There was an island where we could hang out on the beach!)  We left the hotel early that morning and hurriedly trekked down a pier where we hitched a ride into the Gulf of Thailand.  That was after we waited way beyond the advertised departure time on the giant passenger boat trying not to inhale its exhaust fumes, of course.

pattaya pier

pattaya berach collageWe landed on the island 45 minutes after we waved goodbye to Pattaya.  We had the option of spending time to the left of the dock, which was more populated…

beach arrival

beach Pattaya Thailand

beach 1 pattaya…or the other side of the beach, which seemed more to our liking.

beach 2 Pattaya

beach 3 pattaya thailand

We were satisfied with our decision.  A mere 100Baht (Approx. $3 US) rented us lawn chairs and umbrellas for the afternoon.

beach pano PattayaSome of my friends walked to the other side to find cold drinks.  Not only did they find frosty fresh fruit smoothies, but also some other fun “beach” stuff… (Thanks again Christine for sharing your photos from “the other side” 🙂 )

boardwalk Pattaya

Thailand beach scene

spirit house at the beach pattaya

Can you spot the “beach kitty”?

When it was time to leave, Thip worked her magic again and booked us a speedboat back to the mainland.  It was much faster, much more fun, and for all of us who were subject to motion sickness, it was much easier on the stomach.

boat ride to pattaya

boat pano

The rushing around and then subsequent waiting around was well worth it.  (side note:  when they say you’re on “Thai Time”, this means add an extra hour to everything you do because nobody-especially aquatic public transportation-is on time!  Of course, we Americans tend to lag as well.  Thip was constantly saying, “OK Guys.  Come on guys.”)  The beach was a highlight of our trip.  To have a few hours to swim and float in the warm seawater was precisely what we needed before our 7 hour bus ride to Korat and 2 days of intense English teaching in the countryside. (More on that here)

Pattaya City Sign



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