Travel File: Enchanted Circle, New Mexico

I know, I know.  We take a lot of road trips to New Mexico.  That’s what happens when you live in Amarillo, Texas and you have a quick two days to get your butt to the mountains!  I took a lot of photos from our last trip to Red River and Taos, so I thought I’d break them up a bit.  There were a ton of photographs I took from the moving car window.  While I sift through photos of the campground (see that post here) and Taos for another post, I thought I’d share a few more of the sights on the way.  (See this post for other misty-mountain-photos)  The rain made for a gorgeous drive.

road trip

We left the cornfields and high plains of Texas…


…and drove straight into the thundering clouds of New Mexico:

New Mexico crop

Antelope New Mexico

Cimmaron New Mexico 2

Cimmaron New Mexico

Eagle Nest New Mexico fog

Eagle Nest New Mexico


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