Travel File: Taos, New Mexico

As promised in the last post, I am sharing about our recent trip to the “Enchanted Circle” in New Mexico.  We camped the first night near Red River, then headed to Taos for the 2nd night.  This blog does not have sponsors,  so when I post about a company or product, know that I am being completely genuine in my admiration for their products/services.  That being said, Matt and I signed up for a few years back (thanks to the urging of his parents), and we finally racked up enough nights to get a FREE night in a hotel somewhere.  ( It’s a “book 9 nights get the 10th free” type-of-thing).  I am not going to say it was the most awesome hotel we’ve ever been in, but beggars can’t be choosers, right?  A trip with free camping and a free hotel is the way we like to roll.  A few meals out, a packed ice chest and some gas money can be stretched a loooooooooooong way.

Taos New Mexico 2

We have stayed in Taos before, but each time we try to do different things.  This trip we were inspired to seek out the Taos Mesa Brewery. The brewing company sits amidst sage and sand along the road to the Gorge, beneath the notorious New Mexico clouds. Their tasty happy hour beer is a great reason to seek this place out.

Taos Mesa Brewing Company New Mexico

After each enjoying a house brew of our choice, we found Tune Rd., which was VERY near the brewery.  We wound through a residential area, then out into the open sagebrush beyond the housing.  A small parking area hovered above the Rio Grande, where we found a trailhead to Manby Springs.

Manby springs New Mexico

Manby springs Taos New Mexico

Manby Springs is a natural hot springs at the end of a trail which ends at the shoreline of the Rio Grande River.  It was an easy enough hike for Sprockett, as well as a 4-year-old girl we passed on the hike.


The pools were warm, not hot.  But seeing how it was still hot outside, the temperature was perfect.  On a Friday before people were out of work, there were only 3 other visitors to the springs, which made for a quiet, relaxing afternoon.

Saturday morning we wandered around town (Taos is very dog-friendly) and checked out the farmer’s market.  Veggies were prolific and I was happily surprised by the numerous vendors offering baked goods, many of which were gluten-free.  We had an excellent breakfast burrito from a merchant at the market and discovered great coffee at a local coffeehouse.  Taos New Mexico Farmers Market

Taos Building

We wanted to grab lunch before we headed out of town. Taos Ale House and burger Stand is where we ended up:

Taos Ale House and Burger stand

20$ bought us 2 local beers on tap, a plate of delicious falafels with pickled veggies and a quinoa-arugula-apricot side salad.  The employees were friendly, the atmosphere was comfortable and the beer was sweet.  We agreed it was a good way to bid farewell to one of our favorite vacation spots.  We will be back, no doubt.

Taos New Mexico


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