Texas Curly-Q-Tators

Six and half years ago we met the couple whose family owned a “Curl- Q-Tator” booth.  They told us how friends and family helped them run it at the local Amarillo, Texas fair each Summer.  Matt & I thought, “That would be fun to do some day.”  Six months after meeting that couple, we moved to Amarillo.  Six years later we finally had the opportunity to do it.  This is how we spent our Friday night last week…

curly Q Tator sign

curly Q Tators

The owner’s daughter on the special tator slicin’ machine…

curly Q Tators Amarillo

Matt and the owner’s son, Doug, covered in potato flecks.

the boys

After the Idaho spuds are sliced into curly ribbons, they’re fried and piled high on a plate.  Sometimes they are covered in cheese and/or chili.

curly Q Tators 2

piling up the tators

We had a blast with our friends.  Hungry patrons kept the tiny trailer hoppin’ throughout the night,  despite the rainstorm.  It’s hard to keep Texans away from their tators!  I guess we passed the test, because we were invited back next year 🙂


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