Hello Autumn

It happened last week; the “first full day of Fall.”  It’s funny how the planet just seems to know  when it’s time.  In an instant, the harsh stare of a summer sun turns soft, lightens its blaring rays into subdued warmth.  The wind howls more often than not during a Texas Spring and Summer, but come September, our nemesis overturns into a cool and welcome zephyr.  Ushering in a “hello” to Autumn and its falling leaves means saying “goodbye” to Summer and all of its wildflowers.

Texas Panhandle Wildflowers 3

Texas Panhandle Wildflowers 1

I regards to the High Plains, our yard was spectacularly green and lush this year.Texas Panhandle landscape

Many old friends popped up in the field over the last 5 months.  There were also a few surprise visits from plants we’ve never had the pleasure of hosting before…

Texas Panhandle Wildflowers

Texas Panhandle Wildflowers 2

Although I usually say that Summer and Spring are my favorite seasons here in Texas, I am excited about the transition into Fall this year.  Maybe it’s because the mosquitoes have been bad.  Or perhaps I am finally annoyed with the midday heat being unbearable to walk the dog in.  More likely is the notion that I thrive best in the midst of change.  Change is good.  It keep things fresh.  I like moving, even if I don’t know where it is I’m going.



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