An Itch to Scratch

It’s an itch that gets scratched and then almost immediately starts itching again.  Sometimes it’s spurred by the warmth of the summer sun; other times the restlessness to walk a wooded path becomes unbearable.  Whether sea, snow or forest, the desire to set my feet upon new ground comes fast and furious.

Recently, my calendar days have been filled with a lot of work and a lot less play.  When this happens, I get itchy.  I wanna’ get the heck out of Dodge and see something new.  It’s not always possible. I try to convince myself that the busy-ness of now will not be the busy-ness of my forever.  However, I do not have a very good track record.  Neither my husband nor I are very good at leaving free time in our agendas.  A joking comment I often say once we discuss our schedules is, “OK, see you next week.”  Sadly, it’s often more true than not.

Which is one reason I love to travel.  I get to leave it all behind for a moment and take in new sights, scents, sounds…and sleep in!  (Not to mention I get to spend time with my most favorite person in the whole wide world!).  Since I have been daydreaming about travel lately, I thought I would share some photos I recently ran across from our trip to LouisianaIt was a mad dash from LA to Tokyo for 5 days, then to Houston with a drive to Lafayette where we stayed 2 nights, then back to Houston and on home to California.  It was a quick trip with much variety in the way of landscape.

I know I’ve shared this photo before, but it positively caught our attention when we pulled over at a rest stop.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAs we meandered down sleepy roads toward our destination, we stopped to stretch and take in the beauty of our natural surroundings.  That’s where we witnessed our first crocodile.  Or alligator.  I don’t know the difference!

Louisiana Crocodiles

We managed to have a fantastic dinner at Randol’s; it was a night filled with crawfish and Cajun music.  We caught a glimpse of downtown too while we wandered…

downtown lafayette

But the BEST part of the trip was checking out an old cathedral.  The Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist is located in downtown Lafayette, with a mammoth Oak tree that is the third oldest member of the Live Oak Society.  The existence of this ancient oak in 1821 and its prominent size is believed to have been a primary reason for the selection of the cathedral site.  It was an easy-to-spot landmark and often was used as a meeting spot.

Cathedral of Saint John the Evangelist Lafayette LA

Cathedral of Saint John the Evangelist Lafayette LA 1

St. John Cemetery is the oldest in the city of Lafayette. The high water table in South Louisiana makes above-ground burial almost a necessity.

Cathedral of Saint John the Evangelist Lafayette LA 2

Inscribed in the arch above the cemetery gate is a scriptural text in French: “Il essuiera toute l’arme”, which translates to, “He will wipe away every tear.”


Have YOU been to Lafayette?  What did YOU get to see?


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