Travel File: NRHC in Lubbock, TX

As you may have seen on the map in my recent post about our adventures in apple-picking,  Lubbock is only a few miles away from Idalou.  We drove into town and picked up a cup of coffee before we headed to The National Ranching Heritage Center at Texas Tech University.  Unfortunately, we arrived just a few minutes shy of 4 PM, when the facility’s doors close to outdoor tours.

National Ranching Heritage Center Lubbock Texas

We were impressed by the displays and natural light.  But we were very disappointed that the outdoor section was closed, as that was the part that really interested us.  My friend told me about her recent visit, with the outdoor tour being the most interesting.  The museum’s grounds are home to nearly four dozen historic structures.  Everything from outhouses to windmills to a train depot can be visited there. Maybe next time…

If you are interested in taking a day trip to Lubbock, or are near the city for some other reason, this place might be worth checking out.  You can also take the virtual tour here on their website. 

Have you been to Lubbock?  What other cool places are there and what should we do next time we are in the area?


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