Diaries of a Retail Clerk: More Wedding Dresses Than Vera Wang Has Ever Seen

Dear Diary,

I realized that I have not told you about the “dancer” woman who came in and wanted  “to make more wedding dresses than Vera Wang has ever seen.”  All of these dresses were for her, of course, so that she could first make them all and then try them all on to see which one was perfect for her special day.

After convincing her to buy enough fabric for just ONE dress, she had an interesting way of describing the length she wanted it to be.  First she said, “Well, I need it to be short enough so I can climb on rocks and things..”  (Insert puzzled looks from employees here).  Then she proceeded to demonstrate her thoughts by dancing and flinging the skirt she was wearing with her arms, almost exposing whatever she had on underneath (IF anything).  If that wasn’t enough, when paying her bill she said she wasn’t always sure how much money she had in her account, so if the check bounced we could all just go down to her “friend’s restaurant” to find her, and if she wasn’t there, we could all have drinks and put them on her tab!


Love,  M


Vera Wang is the QUEEN BEE when it comes to Wedding dress design. See all of her beautiful designs and inspiration on her website.


For more random stories about working retail (specifically in a fabric store), go here.


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