Aprons for Little Ones

While I was looking through old photos, I ran across this project from several years ago.  It was for my niece’s 3rd birthday, where the girls had a baking party.  My sis-in-law and I thought aprons would be fun party favors.  I made the 3 guests and my niece an apron.   Luckily, I had enough stuff in my stash that I didn’t have to spend a penny on the project.  I had so much fun designing these, and I thought some of you might be wanting to sew up a quick project for a friend during this time of year.  I poked around the sewing room and put together combinations of fabrics and embellishments and then designed from there.  They were 4 very different girls, and each one received a custom-made apron with her initial on it.


The awesome thing about sewing for little ones is that it doesn’t require much fabric and you can be as crazy as you want with patterns/colors (at least in MY opinion).  I didn’t use patterns for these because I wanted to be completely uninhibited when it came to design.  (And let’s be honest-sometimes the amount of fabric or trim you have becomes the deciding factor when creating!)  I used a dress that belonged to my niece as a gauge for size, and I am pretty sure I took her measurements too.  That said, they fit pretty well:

aprons on the girls

There are a ton of great patterns out there for aprons.  I found THIS PATTERN on Etsy that I think is pretty cute and affordable.  It’s also a PDF, which means you could buy it, print it and sew it all tonight!  THIS ONE is also cute and FREE!  Places like McCall’s and Butterick have apron patterns too.  Remember:  Always look at a basic pattern with a decorative eye.  An average pattern can be jazzed up with some buttons, ribbon and cute fabric!  Extra attachments for your sewing machine can add to the fun when it comes to design.  A friend gave me a pleating foot (not the same as a gathering foot, although I can change the settings for a more gathered look) for my Pfaff many years ago and I use it all the time!  (Check out the bottom trim on the yellow apron)

I will dig around in the archives some more and let you know if I come up with any more inspiring ideas for you to do before Christmas!

What about you?  What have YOU been up to in the sewing room?


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