Light Bright

Girls Night.  Two weeks ago.  My friend Alissa suggested we check out the “100,000 Lights” at the local Botanical Gardens.  Free to the public, open for 2 weeks during the evenings with live music and hot beverages.  I was thrilled to finally attend this event I’d been hearing about for years.


It was a lovely, crisp mid-week evening.  Our weather this November and December has been exceptionally mild for Amarillo, and I’m not complaining.  A jacket, scarf and hat kept me warm while I meandered down garden paths filled with lights.  Our friends happened to be playing the live music that night, and Alissa hopped in to sing along too!  Turns out there were about 2,500 people who showed up that night to check out the holiday sparkle.  I loved seeing the lights of nearby buildings as a backdrop for the garden lights!


Amarillo_Botanical_Gardens_2014_1Only in this part of the country will you see cactus lit up (above) or a manger scene with a canyon backdrop!


Amarillo_Botanical_Gardens_2014_2The thing about lights is…they REALLY spark in the dark.  The bad thing is, it doesn’t always make for great photography.  BUT, if you wiggle your camera around a bit, the outcome can become clever “light painting.”

Amarillo_Botanical_Gardens_Light_paintingWhen I lived Morro Bay, CA, the awesome holiday tradition was to walk down to the wharf and watch the lighted boat parade.  The decorated boats were effervescently festive parading up and back through the bay.

What fun holiday activities does YOUR town have?


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